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  • rab_brand_book_kamil_cover

    The Rab brand is renowned for producing outstanding quality clothing and sleeping bags, suitable for extreme cold environments and high altitude mountaineering. When Rab Carrington started making sleeping bags in Patagonia over 30 years ago, he did so to pass time and earn a few bob while he was waiting for customs to release his […]

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  • g-tech-storage-needs-post

    With more than 10 major storage producing vendors, choosing the right storage that exactly fits your workflow and production needs can become a major problem, and if not done properly a realistic liability. So, how should one approach the problem of storage selection? Especially when you are shooting for a high profile client on a […]

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  • Kamil Tamiola presenting for TED / TEDx at University of Nevada State, Las Vegas, USA

    With over a 1000 of quality talks from all the corners of the earth, the TEDĀ conference became one of the most remarkable platforms for quality storytelling fromĀ almost all disciplines of life, including fundamental sciences, medicine, clinical psychiatry, but also photography, psychology, engineering, sports, drama, poetry. For those who never heard about TED, let me please […]

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