How do you deal with putting your data on hard disks when you’re up a mountain?

Here’s an interview from PhotoKina (in Cologne, Germany, September 2014) with yours truly, in which I explain the rationale behind working with G-Technology drives in the field. The interview has been put together by RedShark News, and originally appeared in the following article.


Transcend – Benelux Campaign Visuals

The ultimate goal of a commercial media maker is to have you visuals elegantly woven into the marketing efforts of your clients. It always makes me feel proud and truly excited to see a reputable, high-tech sector brand exploiting the connection between their products and the vast and amazing outdoors. I am very pleased to present […]

Adjustments made in Capture One Pro 8: Exposure – 0.35, Saturation +6, Shadows +6, Clarity “Punch” +53, Structure +21.

Color Clarity – A simple adjustment that will make your shots pop!

One of the biggest challenges in digital outdoor photography, most notably in mountain areas, is the post-processing of the low contrast exposures. The major contribution to the low-key look in the images can be attributed to the variable quality of light, which in turn, is directly related to local atmospheric conditions in the mountains.   From […]


What to look for when buying a motion time lapse system? A 5-point guide.

Over past 5 years, motion time lapse technique has become vastly popular. The expansion of this relatively peculiar, yet visually immersive filming methodology can be attributed to a fair amount of development in modern DSLR cameras, great advances in stepper and servo motor technologies, and finally an awakening of entrepreneur spirit among many talented developers. With numerous companies offering […]


A webinar with Phase One about long exposure night photography

My dear friends and fellow long-exposure photography enthusiasts. I cordially invite you to a long exposure photography webinar organized by Phase One, during which I will share some of my post-processing tricks and share the tips born out of the work in the field. The seminar will take place on the 5th of November, 5PM to 6PM […]


“On the couch” – an interview for Nino Leitner’s show

During the Photokina 2014 show, I had a true pleasure to be interviewed by Nino Letiner, very prominent film maker, entrepreneur and brand ambassador.  To make things event better, I was not the only guest on his excellent “On the couch show”. I was seated next to amazingly skilled and established photographers: Tom Barnes and Lucas […]